Announcement : 

Chelsea Primary School Charter 2023 – 2025

Vision Statement: ​Growing Great Learners – Te Whakatipu Akonga Miharo ​​

The Vision for Our School:Students

  • are respectful and confident
  • respect each other and their teachers
  • feel important and cared for
  • are encouraged and challenged
  • take pride in themselves, their efforts and achievements


  • competent delivery of NZ Curriculum with a focus on Literacy/Numeracy
  • are professional and positive
  • model high standards
  • have high expectations
  • are committed learners themselves
  • are supported by management
  • are enthusiastic and encourage a love for learning
  • are individual needs focused
  • are caring and supportive learner-focussed
  • support each other


  • feel welcome and well informed
  • ​encourage and support their children’s learning
  • respect and are supportive of the professional knowledge and judgement of the staff and work in partnership with them
  • ​enjoy their involvement with the school

Leadership Team

  • support, value and enable others
  • give high quality leadership
  • ensure high quality learning and teaching
  • closely monitor progress & achievement of all students
  • progress school goals

Support Staff

  • are loyal and supportive to the staff and school
  • feel valued members of the team
  • encourage and care for students
  • are positive and professional

Board of Trustees

  • is future-focused
  • is a good employer
  • is well trained and informed
  • reviews student data and makes appropriate resourcing decisions accordingly
  • meet all Government requirements

Chelsea Primary School Charter 2023 – 2025 Chelsea Primary School Charter 2023-2025.pdf