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Short Stay Opportunities

Short Stay International Students

22nd July – 16th August 2024

At Chelsea School we welcome international students and their families and we are dedicated to ensuring your time here is a memorable and happy experience. We provide a varied and engaging programme and hope you have fun and learn about New Zealand.  Here are more details about our 4-week international study programme.

Week 1

  • Orientation by the International Student Manager.
  • Meet your classroom teacher.
  • Meet your Cultural Buddy.
  • Attend a parent meeting to meet others and ask questions.
  • Pōwhiri (formal welcome) to Chelsea School.
  • Start your New Zealand focussed ESOL sessions.

Week 2 – 3

  • Participate in the New Zealand classroom curriculum.
  • Add on any additions e.g. soccer, production, Matariki once known.
  • Continue with your New Zealand focussed ESOL sessions.

Week 4

  • Participate in the New Zealand classroom curriculum.
  • Continue with your New Zealand focussed ESOL sessions.
  • Meet with the classroom teacher and ESOL teacher to discuss observations regarding your child and how they have participated.
  • Receive a certificate and gift from your classroom teacher and Cultural Buddy.

There are limited places available so your child has a unique experience within our New Zealand classroom.

How much will it cost?

It costs $2,720 for the 4-week programme.  Additional weeks by negotiation.

When do I pay to secure a place?

Payment needs to be made by Term 2, Week 6 (7th June 2023) to secure your place.  If you withdraw from the programme before you arrive you will forfeit $650 (administration costs) and the rest will be refunded.  

Can I get a refund once the programme has started?

No, once your child arrives and starts the programme there are NO refunds.  

What happens if I want a shorter stay?

Priority will be given to any students who wish to attend for four weeks 

If there are no places left can I go on a waiting list?

Yes, we will have a waiting list and will inform you if a place becomes available.

How many places are available and why?

Approximately three places will be available in each teaching Hub (12 places across the school).  This restriction on numbers is to ensure your child has a unique experience in a New Zealand classroom and receives the support and guidance they require.

Will my child experience the New Zealand Curriculum?

Yes, your child will spend most of the week in a mainstream classroom.  Each week your child will get the opportunity to attend a separate lesson with the ESOL teacher to focus on a range of New Zealand themes.  

Is the stationery included?

Yes, any stationery you need is included.

Why do I have a Cultural Buddy?

Cultural buddies are selected as they are students who display our school values and DNA.  Many of the buddies speak more than one language and have experience of different cultures.  These students love to represent the school in this special way.  If you need help ask your Buddy.

Do I need an Agent?

Yes, Chelsea School only accepts students with an Agent.  Agents offer translation support and are qualified to give visa advice.  Many of our local Agents know Chelsea School well and can answer many of your questions.

What is a Pōwhiri?

A Pōwhiri is a formal Māori welcome.  During the welcome ceremony, you will be invited in as visitors but you will leave as family (whānau).

Does my child need to wear a uniform?

No, we do not require short-stay international students to wear the school uniform.