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Sports Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct applies to all sports and physical activity at Chelsea whether it takes place at school or outside of the school.

Code of Conduct for Students:

  • Make sure you attend all trainings where possible.
  • A high standard of behaviour is expected from all students.  Unacceptable behaviour will disqualify a pupil from representing the school.
  • Parental permission for participation is required.
  • Always play by the rules and agree with an official or their decision whatever the circumstances.
  • Work hard to achieve the team goals.
  • Remember to thank your coach, the official and the opposition. Always be a good sport and applaud good play.
  • Do not put people down or bully them.  The aim of the game is for everyone to have fun, participate and improve their skills.  Treat all players as you yourself would like to be treated.
  • Respect the equipment.​

Code of Conduct for Coaches and Managers:

  • Set personal behaviour standards for those you coach and for yourself to follow.  Teach your players that rules of the game on the field and standards off the field are mutual agreements which are not to be broken under any circumstances.
  • All players must have equal game time to ensure they feel they are participating and more game time will improve skills over time.  It is important to play as a team and remember the parents of new or weaker players have paid the same fees as the more talented players.
  • A coach encompasses many roles.  The overall role is for the coach to set a good example at all times.
  • Ensure all equipment and facilities meet safety standards and that activities you use are both safe and effective for your players’ needs.
  • Never forget that players participate for fun and enjoyment and that winning is only one component of why they participate.
  • Do not neglect planning and preparation for practices and games.  Length and content of practices should take into account the maturity level of players.​
Code of Conduct for Parents Spectators and Supporters:

  • Insist that your child plays within the rules and the principles of fair play and do not accept the use of violence and unsportsmanlike play in any form.
  • Players are involved in their chosen sport for their own interests and enjoyment.  You play a major part in their efforts but ensure that you respect that they are involved for their own personal reasons and not as a spectacle for your enjoyment.
  • Turn defeat into victory by helping your child work towards skills development and good sportsmanship.  Never ridicule, degrade or yell at any player for making a mistake.
  • Children learn the most from the examples you set. Always act in a positive manner and demonstrate self-discipline and even temperament on the side-line.
  • Always remember coaches are volunteers.  Their time and efforts are for the benefit of your child. Refrain from profane or abusive language or criticism of the coach or referee/umpire. Anyone deemed to be abusive may be asked by officials to leave the ground immediately.
  • Show your appreciation of volunteers and those who help make sport happen. It is easy to criticise but not so easy to take up the challenge yourself.
  • Always support officials and coaches by accepting their decisions and judgements.  Remember – No official, no coach – no game.
  • It is of vital importance that you play your part in removing verbal and physical abuse from your child’s sporting environment.
  • Above all, act as a positive role model for your child and team.  Always support the coach.

Chelsea Primary Code of Conduct
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