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The Chelsea PTA is a group of interested parents whose function is to further the general welfare of the school in the wider community.  Its primary focus is social, followed by fund raising for special projects.  The PTA Committee is elected annually at its AGM.  This is a vital organisation which supports and complements the Board of Trustees. ​ The school also welcomes the support parents can give in a variety of ways including supporting classroom visits, sports etc.
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Upcoming Events 

  • Trivia Night – Saturday 22 June 7pm until late
  • Creepy Carnival – Friday 08 November 5pm – 8pm
  • Frosty Fridays – Every Friday from 15 November 2024 to 13 December 2024, 3pm – 3.15pm (weather permitting)

The next PTA event: 

Trivia Night 2024 – Television, Saturday 22 June, 7pm until late

For more information about Trivia Night please read our FAQ’s

Trivia Night FAQs 2024.pdf

Latest PTA News

PTA AGM Election Results

The annual PTA AGM was held Thursday, 14 March.  Executive Positions were elected as follows for 2024.
Chelsea Primary PTA Executive Committee:
Chairperson – Krystal Thurston
Secretary – Kirsten Harford
Treasure – Lyndsay Taylor
Unfortunately several of our long-serving members have stepped down or reduced their commitments to the PTA, meaning we are running low on volunteers to help with fundraising events. If you would like to join the PTA as a Member (attending meetings) or as a Helper (added to the mailing list), please email
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Recent Fundraising Projects

We feel it’s important to show you, our community, what we are fundraising for and therefore we always want to communicate fundraising targets before and after events.

After only 4 years of fundraising, the PTA was delighted to open our new Junior Playground last year. This massive project was completed with the help of our parents and community who raised $108,000 through PTA fundraising events. Further funding from grants was sourced by our Board to allow the school to provide this safe and enjoyable space for the students.

Additional fundraising has allowed us to build our Curiosity Container which opened earlier this year. This utilises the concept of loose parts play, which uses everyday objects to allow children to expand their imagination, boost creativity and problem-solving skills and support inclusion and social interaction.

Our current fundraising is working towards the replacement of our school sound system. Having a reliable sound system will improve our student’s experiences with all our hall-based events such as assemblies, discos, pj pizza parties and more. 


Here are some of the recent projects our community has fund raised for:


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