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Policies and Procedures

We are members of School Docs, a platform that ensures that our policies and procedures are up to date, and that we comply with legislative changes. All of our policies are stored within the website below:
Once you have accessed this site, you can search for ‘Chelsea School’ from the tab in the top right corner ‘Search for your School’.
You will then need to use the login details below in order to view our policies.

Username: chelsea
Password: growinggreatlearners

We have a review schedule that we use to guide us in making sure our policies are up-to-date and accurate.  This happens at a Staff and Board level. Some policy reviews involve our community feeding in and we advertise these opportunities in our newsletters.

There are policies that are of more interest to our community than others.  These include:

  • Complaints Policy & Procedure
  • Student Welfare
  • Emergency Procedures

You can use the search bar on the School Docs site to locate any policy you wish to view.

Emergency Procedures

Each term, we practice for Fire evacuationLockdown and Earthquake. We have specific signals and procedures for each and regular practice sees us well ready to cope should we have a real incident/event at the school.

Lockdown Procedure

In the case of Lockdown, parents will be notified by text and asked not to ring or approach the school for any reason until after they receive another text notification to say that we are now out of lockdown. Please adhere to this.
The phone line will be kept open to the Police and approaching the school may well endanger yourself and will certainly compromise the safety of the children and staff.

​Please refer to the website for any updates the Police may allow us to post. This will be the only method of communication whilst the event is in progress.