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Individual & class photos – Tuesday 3 August; Crazy Dress Day & School Assembly hosted by Rito Team – Friday 6 August;

DNA and Values

Growing Great Learners 

Te Whakatipu Akonga Miharo 

Our DNA and Values are undergoing changes to keep up to date with the needs of our current learners and community. Here’s the latest update:

We are very excited to begin our work to embed our values with our learners and community. The four values that have emerged from our consultation with whanau, learners and staff are: 

Whanaungatanga;    Ako;    Kaitiakitanga;    Manaakitanga 

We are currently planning how best to launch these values with our learners at the beginning of 2021. There will be explicit teaching and modelling of what each value looks like in action.


We value positive relationships, we all belong. 

Whanaungatanga is all about connection, kinship and whānau. A big part of this value is knowing each other; our beliefs, our passions, things we find tricky, aspirations and dreams. The epitome of this value in action is to feel a strong sense of belonging and to be celebrated for who we are and what we stand for. 


We teach each other and learn together.

Ako is underpinned by the concept of learning from each other. We all have knowledge that is shaped by our passions, experiences and beliefs. We believe that learners have a lot to offer in the classroom and beyond and that together, adults and children can strengthen each other’s knowledge and understanding in a range of ways. 


We care for and respect each other’s mana.


We are guardians of our environment now and for the future.

School DNA
Our Chelsea School Learners are developing a growth mindset through their endeavours to grow their Chelsea DNA, to ensure success as lifelong learners and contributors to society. ​
  • Curious
  • Collaborative
  • Up for a challenge
  • A communicator