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DNA and Values

Growing Great Learners 

Chelsea DNA and Values 

Our DNA and values have been created through extensive consultation with learners, whānau and staff.   Staff intentionally and explicitly teach and model the DNA and Values.  These are integrated into all learning and experiences that are offered at school and underpin the delivery of our Chelsea Curriculum. 

Our DNA and Values are directly related to our vision:

‘Growing Great Learners –  Te Whakatipu Ākonga Miharo’ 

Our DNA is our language of learning and the skills and attributes that we believe help to ‘Grow Great Learners’.

Our DNA has strong links to the key competencies from the New Zealand Curriculum, and the work of Carol Dweck based on the concept of ‘Growth Mindset.

In order to thrive as future-focused learners, we believe that our students must be able to:

  • Collaborate – with each other, with teachers, whānau and members of the community. 
  • Communicate clearly – to have a strong voice and to be able to use written and spoken words as well as symbols and code to communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas. 
  • Be Up for a Challenge – to build their resilience and to persevere when faced with tricky learning or situations.  We explicitly teach ‘Growth Mindset’. 
  • Curious – curiosity and wonder is at the heart of great learning.  We want our learners to question, challenge and wonder in order to make connections to the world around them, and also be able to become active and involved citizens. 


Chelsea School Values 

Our Values are key qualities and attributes that ‘Grow Great People’

Our values are represented by the following Māori concepts.  Conceptual values are more powerful than individual words.  Our values represent a way of being.

Whanaungatanga is a deep sense of belonging.  We know who we are as individuals – our beliefs, identity and culture and that as a school community we belong. 

Kaitiakiatanga means that we are kaitiaki or guardians of our environment.  We are lucky at Chelsea to enjoy tracts of native bush with many native creatures.  We believe that each generation should act as guardians to protect and nurture our environment. 

Manaakitanga is all about protecting the mana and hearts of others.  This value is about the value of treating all others with love, empathy and respect.  It also includes warmly welcoming visitors and whānau so that everyone enjoys a sense of belonging. 

Ako is reciprocity.  We all value what we can learn from others and also things that others can learn from us.  Our different experiences make us experts in different ways.  Our perspectives and knowledge are valued.