Announcement : 

Meri Kirihimete and a Happy New Year to everyone! Enjoy the festive season with your whānau and we’ll see you again in 2022.

Quick Update – 22 October

Kia ora Whānau 

It was so lovely to ‘see’ some of you this week through car windows as you picked up your hard packs.  I know that times are tough for many of our families and it was nice to be able to have a quick catch up from a distance.  You are doing an amazing job of supporting your kids, and we appreciate you. 

There are many questions swirling at the moment about possible time frames for schools to reopen and I have nothing to add to this.  We are really focussing on a week by week scenario, as looking much further than that at the moment intensifies the feelings of uncertainty.  

Thanks to those who took the time to respond to our survey last week in response to how distance learning is going for you and your whānau.  As this situation has kept extending, it was timely to ask about your experience and your suggestions moving forward.  We have spent time analysing results, and looking for patterns and teams are now adjusting and trialling different ways of doing things.  Our junior teams have started social zooms and I know our senior teams are offering some extra chances to connect in the afternoons. 

I liken this whole situation as kind of like trying to build a plane when it is already in flight.  Over the past year, we have been able to tweak and streamline our ways of delivering learning online and the ways in which we connect with our learners.  There was a real sense of appreciation from many of our families about how we were managing as a school, and this was lovely to read.  Of course, there will always be tweaks and changes, and we will always try to be as responsive as possible, but the fact that so many families recognised the love, care and commitment of our staff was really appreciated.  I feel incredibly proud of our team and the way that they have adapted, and continue to adapt as the situation evolves. 

As part of our planning for 2022 and beyond, the Board has planned a community survey that will be sent out to you on Tuesday 26th of October.  The survey is an important part of our consultation plan as we design and develop our next strategic plan.  We have engaged with Jan Hill from The Education Group to administer and analyse the survey.  It is important that we have a response from each whānau.  I know that things are hectic at the moment, so I do appreciate that this is adding another thing to the list. 

In staffing news, we are saying farewell to Sarah Power at the end of next week, and we have appointed Jen Allen to the position for the remainder of the year.  Jen was part of our staff during 2019 and 2020 before heading back to University to do further study.  We are very excited to have Jen on board and know that our kids will benefit from her nurturing and caring personality.  We wish Sarah all the best and thank her for the huge impact she has had on our community. 

That is all from me for now.  As always, please reach out to your child’s teacher if you need support with anything.  

Take care. 

Amanda Douglas 
Chelsea Primary School