Welcome to Term 2 from Pakiaka and Kakano Teams

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome to Term 2

While we are Learning from home Pakiaka and Kākano will be working as one team.
You will have seen a number of videos uploaded to Seesaw today, these will all be links to private Youtube videos, so they are unsearchable and only appear when following the link on Seesaw.
Each day there will be:
1. Daily Panui
2. Big Book reading
3. Big book follow up
4. Maths
5. And ‘other’ video
These will be based on the timetable sent out via Hero but can be accessed by learners at any time through out the day.
If you need a bugclub, Seesaw home learning or matific password/code then please let your class teacher know. If there is an issue with device access in your home please email amanda@chelsea.school.nz

As we have said previously, it is all about making things work for you at the moment and if there is a different way we can help or support you then please reach out and let us know.  We are keen to engage and support as many of you as possible so could you please like or repsond to posts that you have seen, it will help us to gauge who is using Seesaw regularly.

Please bear with us in terms of timing as we experiment with filiming and uploading in the first few days.

Kind regards,

Team Kākano and Team Pakiaka