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Individual & class photos – Tuesday 3 August; Crazy Dress Day & School Assembly hosted by Rito Team – Friday 6 August;

Ministry of Education – Student Devices

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all well and being supported by your loved ones throughout this time. The weather
has been an absolute blessing so far, I hope you’re all managing to get out and about for walks
as much as you can, it makes a big difference!
I have been asked to send out a quick survey from the Ministry of Education as they are gearing
up to send devices if they are needed, and are also looking to connect learners to the internet
where possible. Please take a few minutes to complete the attached survey so that I can collate
this data and return it to them as soon as possible.
Please note that this is a country-wide approach, so any devices needed may not arrive
promptly. We have also been told that secondary learners have priority. We also have a number
of Chromebooks that we have stored at one of our teacher’s houses in Chatswood, so we have
some options for urgent situations.
We are looking forward to reconnecting with our learners from next Wednesday 15 April onwards, just in
slightly different ways!

Please check your Hero notifications to get the link to the survey.


Amanda Douglas